Links to photographers from which Davin draws inspiration:Whitney Hubbs

JH Engstrom
Mark Borthwick
Collier Schorr
Melanie Sciff
Laura Letinsky
Whitney Hubbs
Gerhard Richter (painter)

Blogging Photographers:

Sannah Kvist
Jason Nocito
Shane Lavalette
– photog who blogs about photogs.
Fjord Photo project – Mentioned in the interview, a website started “in order to bring together a collection of notable photographers from the internet and [eventually] showcase their work in book form.”

“I love the art books and fanzines that Nieves publishing makes. They are a constant source of inspiration.”


Links from Scott Oliver’s “The Space Between Us and Ourselves”

Larry Sultan: Practicing golf swing
Larry Sultan
: Many parallels with Davin, in that they both often spend time photographing their parents. Read a review of his “Pictures from Home” and look at some bigger pictures here.

Jim Goldberg: photographer whose dipicitons of street teenagers changed the way much of the way this country views children. “Raised by Wolves” is a multimedia book where the story is written by those depicted, as well as audio recordings, and photos taken by Goldberg

“Photo Subjects Have Their Say”: Michelle Golden writes about the sudden unexpected “fame” on the subjects of well known photographers.

Intersubjectivity: “Intersubjectivity is ‘The sharing of subjective states by two or more individuals.’ (Scheff 2006) …Intersubjectivity emphasizes that shared cognition and consensus is essential in the shaping of our ideas and relations.”


Some other related links:


Sally Mann – Her two well known series, “Family Pictures” and “Immediate Family”, depict her children as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Some have viewed the work as controversial in the sexual tension that is present in during these years. She and her children have both called the images “natural” and “innocent”. She sees her children as collaborators in the making of these images. A gallery of her work

Emmet Gowen: A good portion of his photographs are of his wife Edith. David Sax writes an article about Photographers and their muses in the Smithsonian Magazine.

Nan Golden has taken snapshot-style photographs in color almost exclusively of close people and friends in her life, even during very intimate moments. She considers her ability to group photos through the use of slideshows even more of her talent than the her talant as a photographer.


A review ofShoot the Family” a Mass Art show curated by Ralph Rugoff, director of the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco

A similar grouping of photographers in “So the Story Goes” at the Art Institute in Chicago.