Continuing on from what Eleanor was talking about in her Patronage post.

What i kept thinking while i watched it was how, with Matt always positioned in the center of the group, he was like the nucleus of a human rejoicing. Whatever he tapped into with his first solo dancing videos that caused them to spread through the internet so broadly, had also allowed him to travel around the world and bring that gift to people everywhere. And seemingly everywhere he goes, people understand and join in.

This isn’t the same view of the underlying connection of all humanity that’s engendered by the Olympics or World Cup, where the solidarity between people is created through a focus on a single episode, or struggle. In those cases the spectacle is the nucleus, and what draws people to it is in part the knowledge that so many others are being drawn to it. The human connections in this Matt video are much less grand, but they’re also more flexible and personal. It’s just people having fun, for no particular reason for a small amount of time. This formula seems to work just as broadly as the epic conflict between the world’s most highly skilled atheletes for creating connections across cultural boundaries.

I’m not sure what my point was, but there you go.