Watches have a long  history of having a little dial that indicates the moon phase.  But as many of us now refer to our cell phones for the time instead of a wristwatch, some people are rethinking the watch and what it’s focus could be.


The Emotion Lab‘s prototype for a MoonWatch reminded me so much of Helena Keeffe‘s Moon Phase Lapel Pins (TPG11)  that I had to post them.  It appears that this is just a design project at this time, not an actual product. It would be really neat.
Found via dvdp

However, the Citizen Astrodea Moon Age Watch is actually in production and is limited to 300 pieces a year. It’s a serious astrological device.


Real-time measurements makes it possible to tell sidereal time, current time, and position as well as the outline of the sun on the earth. Once mastered, you can know where and when the sun and moon will rise and set, in addition to a seemingly endless list of functions.