How many Billboards? was a large-scale urban exhibition debuts 21 newly commissioned works by leading contemporary artists, presented simultaneously on billboards in Los Angeles in February and March 2010.  It was organized by MAK Center Director Kimberli Meyer with co-curators Lisa Henry, Dr. Nizan Shaked, and Dr. Gloria Sutton, and public art consultant Sara Daleiden.

Authentic Movement is an expressive improvisational movement practice that allows a group of participants a type of free association of the body. It was started by Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950s as “movement in depth”.

An introduction to Performance Art

A discussion of Action Art:  “The purpose of this text is to discuss the phenomena of actions, especially the type of action that is found in what is known as the “art world”. (1) In the following text this special kind of action is named action art. Central questions to this discussion are: 1. How should action art be categorized? Is it a special kind of theatre or dance? 2. Are there similarities between action art and other forms of human activities? 3. And finally, what is the intention of the use of action art as expression?”

Tom Marioni – A conceptual action artist, who has created a large body of work in drawing and printmaking. He is very influenced by simplicity and many of his prints are created through repetitive activity with a Zen-like concentration on the mark-making.

Tree, Drawing a Line as Far as I Can Reach, 1972

David IrelandConceptual sculpture artist who is most well known for creating site-specific installation pieces where much of his work is guided by Zen thought and postmodern aesthetics. Here is an interview with Ireland in Art Practical. Ireland has shown in many great museums, this is an exhibition Ireland had at the Oakland Museum of California.

Jason Rhoades – Conceptual installation artist well known for his colorful energetic installations. Here is an article about him in the Guardian newspaper.

Will Rogan – Mixed media artist who works with photographs, video, sculpture and installation. His use of material examines the potential for beauty, manipulation and function in art making.

Tom Friedman – Conceptual sculpture who works with everyday material and found objects such as toothpicks, sugar cubes, fishing line, playdoh and much more. Here is good article about Friedman in Arts Editor.