Nava’s Links:

Nava’s successful proposal for the TPG15 subscriber’s choice edition.

Art Seen Asheville – Nava Lubelski – a video interview with Nava from 2008

Nava’s Book – The Starving Artist’s Way “Make it yourself. Make it cool. Make it cheap.”

Aleatoric Art:

Aleatoricism/ Aleatoric Art – Composition depending upon chance, random accident

“I don’t use the accident. I deny the accident.”- Pollack

“the prototypically “male” arts of paint-splashing and canvas-pierced fused to “female” fabric-staining and needlework.” – Karen Rosenberg

Untitled (Collage with Squares Arranged according to the Laws of Chance)

Jean (Hans) Arp (French, born Germany (Alsace). 1886-1966)

Arp challenged existing notions of art and experimented with spontaneous and seemingly irrational methods of artistic creation. This work is one of several collages he made by scattering torn rectangular pieces of paper onto a paper support. He and other Dada artists embraced the notion of chance as a way of relinquishing control—a kind of depersonalization of the creative process that would influence many subsequent generations of artists.

Artists “Painting with thread”

Cayce Zavaglia: realistic, densely embroidered portraits

Ghada Amer: sexual female line portraits, patterns and repeats

Michael Raedecker: dream-ish still lifes and landscapes, acrylic and thread

Tucker Schwarz: landscapes of buildings and power lines, threads revealed

Steven MacDonald: A variety of imagery act out fantastical narratives, where tigers, rainbows, cityscapes, skulls and shipping containers are juxtaposed against the backdrop of a traditional Japanese print form.”

Artists playing with chaos and control

Heidi Trepanier:  a drip painter similar to Nava, in the way that she outlines her drips and controls them so that they look almost cartoon-y.  A subscriber sent us this link, calling her work “Dr. Seuss meets Jackson Pollock”