What we are looking for:
Proposals for projects that are reproducible in intent. Each piece can be a limited edition, an artist multiple, or either a part of or a document of a larger work. Our current edition numbers are under 100. We choose based on the piece’s Visual, Conceptual, and/or Experiential interest. The project will be made exclusively through The Present Group. We understand that similar themes and images may be used throughout your other work, however you agree not to create the exact project in the same form again.

Appreciation for Selected Artists:
* $500 (This is an honorarium outside of the costs of creating the work-which we cover)

* 4 of the produced work for your own collection or to sell on your own.

* All the contextual information we create for your piece, including artist info, critiques, and video will remain free on-line as long as TPG exists

We have a rolling submissions policy; we review proposals four times a year. The our next review date is ARPIL 9th, 2008. Everyone who applies will be contacted by e-mail.

Download submission guidelines here: http://www.thepresentgroup.com/TPG-submissions.pdf

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