Video Art and its History

video art via wikipedia. a good brief history a great source to view any artist working with film or video as a medium is trying to set standards for how video art can be viewed, purchased, and distributed, while trying to increase the visibility of video art and its artists on a whole.

History of video art: A show entitled “California Video” examines the history and survival of the medium in California

Dance or Theatre as Art

sharp elbow- home to the works of Tori Sparks. Read her interview in Trace Magazine, when she was named one of “seven of todays best modern dancers”.

Catherine Sullivan: Sullivan was trained in both visual and performing arts, and the works she creates are truly hybrid, freely crossing boundaries and mixing disciplines. She has explored different theatrical and performative conventions, from the popular stage play and musical to the historical drama, from postmodern dance to Fluxus performance.

Aaron is inspired by

Bas Jan Ader : conceptual artist from the early 70′s, little known in his time but widely recognized as an influential figure in video, conceptual and performance art.

Harrell Fletcher: Harrell Fletcher has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of socially engaged, interdisciplinary projects for over a decade.

CINE: CiNE was founded in 2003 to examine the conditions of spectacle and spectatorship across a wide range of media.

Other Artist utilizing Simple Gestures in Conceptual Art

David Horovitz: He takes pictures of sunsets, he’ll go on a walk with you, he’ll do different things if you give him different amounts of money. He writes a lot of instructions.

Miranda July: Enjoying a wide swath of fame and recognition lately, July keeps on keeping on, making loads of work, publishing books, and showing all over the world.