We had a really great week last week- with three friends here we worked during the days, sled, cooked, ate huge meals, and made ringtones at night.  For Oliver’s birthday we all took the day off and went to Bryce after a huge breakfast.   Food plays a big part in our lives if you can’t tell and so far, the one downside of Utah has been the restaurants.  Granted, we’ve only been to three. And every restaurant we go looking for from the guidebook has been closed.

As we entered a typical steak place on Saturday, a large family one by one looked over at us.  Then we were of course seated right next to them.  The father repeated about three times in a loud voice, “You know, every time you see a VW bus, I can guarantee there is a guy with facial hair and a girl with braids in it.”

We weren’t quite sure what that meant, but we did know it was directed at us.  I don’t think he understood the subtle difference between a regular flannel shirt and a neon flannel shirt. Anyways, some pictures:



yep. that's really the coloryep. that’s really the color

jumping for BryceAlly and Steve jumping for Bryce


utah_zion4apparently trees can grow out of rock in Zion

utah_zion1they call these guys the “sentinals”


utah_zion3This guy was so regal while the ladies all were eating, he would just walk around in slow motion.

snowand snow!