Over the next bit o time, I’m going to post about some themes I saw popping up at Artropolis.  Most are NEXT heavy, except this post, which has three artists’ works found in Art Chicago.


Elizabeth Jaeger BFF, 2009  Throughout the weekend, three ladies would perform around this sculpture.  Wearing tights, jockstraps, black pumps, and nylons tied around them in odd ways, they would strike a pose and gaze off into nowhere for hours at a time.  Here’s a picture.

maryellenmarkMary Ellen MarkHeather and Kelsey Dietrick, 7 years old, Kelsey older by 66 minutes, 2002  from her book, Twins

billdurginBill Durgin:  Nude and Still Life I

checualvala1Chechu Alava painted almost exclusively staring young ladies in multiple: Sisters

checualvala2Chechu Alava: The Romanovs

alexsothAlec Soth: Sandra and Indre, Milan, 2010

langdongravesLangdon Graves, not exactly, 2008