This is a space to share your stories – whether the method of making pen guns that you grew up with or shelters you’ve experienced, please let us know how this piece resonates with you.


Barry Wise wrote:

During the 50′s my family was invited to visit a neighbor’s bomb shelter. It was pretty cool actually. And trendy! I remember, they had a cocktail party the night they showed it off. Wanting to keep up with the Joneses, my father dutifully stocked one of our downstairs rooms with canned goods and toiletries. However, unlike the neighbor’s shelter which was underground and presumably radiation-proof, our little room was above ground. Luckily, we never needed it. The Whitney Lynn stuff really does make you think about it all though. I can also see how Californians would either be obsessed by it, or just ignore it, with all the earthquakes, mudslides, etc.