Game Influenced Art, Digital Interventions, Boy Culture Art


Ross Campbellpixelated ceremonial masks, bit type, and digital flora.  I think he and Matt might be art cousins.

Andrew Venell – an artist working with the chaos of information, social anxieties, and the digitally mediated world we live in

Takashi Murakami -  video games, boy culture, super flat, and tons of color:

Murakami’s style, called Superflat, is characterized by flat planes of color and graphic images involving a character style derived from anime and manga. Superflat is an artistic style that comments on otaku lifestyle and subculture, as well as consumerism and sexual fetishism.

Tony Bechara – abstract, almost color-field paintings all done in small pixels.  They vibrate your eyeballs.


Colin Henderson – clearly influenced by the 8 bit aesthetic, this UK designer creates patterns and illustrations/collages

Cory Arcangel – a artist/programmer who performs actions and interventions in photoshop, in video games, on websites, and within the art context in a playful manner

Pixel,  is an insightful short documentary by Simon Cottee that explores the world of pixel art, animation and chiptune music.